Certified Professional Bookkeeper, Consultant and Long-time Lover of the Sport of Body Building Why part of the executive – What drives me? crystal It’s very simple. I love the sport and want it to prosper and have the skills that will allow me to perform this function in the role of secretary treasurer. Being a part of the executive team allows me to take my love for finance and mix it with my lifelong love for fitness and help others achieve their goals. Abilities that lend themselves to leadership: As a certified professional bookkeeper and management professional who owns my own bookkeeping and consulting firm I am able to carry out the role of secretary treasurer with professionalism and integrity. This ability is demonstrated on a daily basis as I care for each and every one of my wonderful customers, ensuring that they are not just being compliant with government standards when it comes to finance but really helping in any way that I can for each of them to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. My viewpoint is that it is not enough to understand finance to operate within a team like the executive, but it is essential to be a communicator and to have passion for what we are doing and to be looking out for those who have put their trust in the leadership. Being an active member of the BCABBA and regularly attending meetings, I have an understanding of the inner workings of the sport, allowing me to align my professional experience with the needs of the association and the membership. Fitness has always been my passion and always will be. When I’m not engrossed in finance, I am at the gym, running the crunch or a 10k or some other form of physical fitness. I love it! Qualifications Financial Management Diploma with Honors. Graduated with a 97% average Member of the BC Human Resources Association (BCHRMA), The Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) and the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (IPBC) Regular ongoing supplementary industry specific as well as leadership education Director and Chief Financial Officer who is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper with a team of 4 people Business Owner 19 years of financial management experience

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