I'm a lady of few words, but I believe actions speak volumes.  I'm very passionate about our sport and want to continue to help grow our association in a positive, pro active way.   As the current Director for the BCABBA I'm throwing my hat into the ring one more time to keep the positive momentum going.  I believe the team we have in place is doing a very good job and we work well together. I watched my first BC shows in 1998 and 1999 in PG.  Decided in 2000 to finally step on stage and that show had been cancelled.  So off to Kamloops I went.  Placing 3rd there, went onto the BC Provincials and Canadian nationals in 2000.  Needless to say I was hooked.  But the travel from way up north was not so most of you who have water loaded and drove for 13 hours know.  I came home and asked the association if I could put on a Northern show in 2001 and they said yes and I went to work. Our first show had only 19 competitors, but a sold out venue, tons of sponsors and over whelming support from our little city and surrounding communities.  Since then our show has grown by leaps and bounds.  I always have and always will be a huge supporter of giving our northern athletes a closer venue to start their competing aspirations.  We have a huge province and so much more room to grow.  With all the positive media we get up here, with our local TV, Radio and Newspapers from hosting the Northern Classic in Fort St. John, we have made it a huge part of our area and I get messages weekly from people saying how much they enjoyed our show and will be coming back. In 2007 I won the overall at the Canadian nationals winning my pro card in figure.  I have since switched to Pro Women's Physique Division and have completed in 27 shows since 2000. I volunteered at most of the shows in BC one way or another, judged and help train over 300 athletes for the stage.  I love this sport and want to make sure I give back to what has given so much to me.  I'm a Business woman, gym owner and personal trainer and have been lifting weights for over 24 years.  I am super proud of how the Northern Classic has grown and of my volunteers and sponsors who help make it the success it is today.  Its a team effort. This year I have decided to only coach clients for the Northern Classic and Provincials so I can concentrate on judging and other commitments with the BCABBA  And of course get ready for the 2017 Canadian Nationals that I am hosting with Tamara Knight.  Its going to be an exciting year to say the least! Its been amazing to watch the BCABBA grow so much over the last 17 years I have been involved with the association.  I'm honoured for the opportunity to help in grow even bigger like I know it can. Please vote for me again and I will do my best to work hard for the members.  I'm here for the athletes 24/7 as some of you know when I answer questions at 2 am..... 🙂 Id love the opportunity to give back even more as we continue on this journey together.

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